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I’m going to be facilitating a planning event for a group of people intending to run discussion events for something called Bristol 2050. This is a development of the Occupy Bristol movement by people who are interested in ‘what happens next’, ie how best can Occupy Bristol evolve. The aim is to use the Open Spaces methodology to explore the kind of society people want to live in by 2050.

The planning event will itself be an Open Spaces event as that is the only meaningful way to learn an approach to group discussion that I will wax lyrical about another time. For now, what is needed are people who are interested in getting involved at this stage. The focus of the planning event is making Bristol 2050 as open to as wide a range of voices as possible, and how to make sure events run smoothly. An interest in evolving participatory democracy in a manner that is accessible for a wide range of people is pretty much the only pre-requisite; Open Spaces is very easy to get to grips with and is designed to be empowering.

If you’re free Saturday 21st January, then the training event will take place in the upstairs hall at The Trinity Centre in Lawrence Hill, 2pm to 4pm. Apparently there will be an indoor picnic in the downstairs hall all day and we’ll be welcome to drop into that.

Email me (simon@silvercatpsychotherapy.co.uk) if you’re interested. If you’re interested in getting involved and can’t make the 21st, then still email me, your support is bound to be helpful at some point!

I’ll elaborate on this in another post, as I see a large overlap between this process and the spirit of gestalt therapy. For the time being though, this is the call to arms, and I’d appreciate it if you could spread word to any Bristol-based people who might be interested.


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